Dinning Ants

Ants infest!

Ants are attacking your picnic blanket and trying to steal your food. You must save the food before it’s too late. The blanket covers the whole screen. Ants are all over it. You can hardly see the food lying on the blanket under the crawling ants.


You can move your finger on the screen to push ants away. Whenever insects “feel” your finger they are backing off. Ones you stop moving your finger, the ants are coming back.


There are 4 pieces of food as follows: an apple, a steak, a sandwich, and a juice. You never know what you’re gonna find. Obviously you don’t know their position on the screen until you push the ants away. When there are no more ants covering a piece of food, it is yours — it disappears.


There are 50 levels. With every single level, the ants are getting harder to beat. They are multiplying and new kinds of ants are joining and the tasks are more difficult.


3 kinds of ants: black ants — easy to beat, red ants — hard enemy, giant ants — a real pain in the a… The difference between the ants is about how far they back off when you touch them. The giant ant is the hardest enemy so it moves just a little bit.


There are 60 seconds to save food. You can either win and move to another level or lose and start from the beginning. The tasks. To advance to another level you need to do a certain task, for example: save two apples. The game ends either time is off or the task is done.