Storage Empire

Storage Empire is a MULTIPLAYER auction game. An auctioneer realistic experience. Expect REAL PRICES and LIFE-LIKE ITEMS to bid.

SE holds many records

SE holds the record for items (1100), collections (65), and vehicles (7 types). It contains unique assets like the warehouse, a chat room, and the pawn shop.

Your task is to compete with real players for things left in compartments. Selling items for a profit at your own pawn shop is a part of the business too. Gather precious collections. Buy and use up to 7 different types of vehicles. Make smart decisions!

Take it to a higher level with real items

All items at garage auction are real things of real value. Make use of your life experience to decide: pass or bid! You can also consult items with experts to determine their actual value. Bid or not to bid? That is the question! The value of items varies from 1$ to… you will find out. Every location differs. If you don’t see promising I, it may be better to walk away.

Single or multiplayer auction?

It’s up to you! Storage Empire Pawn Shop Wars was the first auction game with multiplayer! We are proud of this fact. You can try to beat real bidders and pickers from all over the world or play against AI. Use CHAT to comment.

There are 65 collections – find them all!

Gather up all items to complete a collection. A simple way to get extra profit? No! Quit hard, to be honest. A devoted collector levels up quickly. Collections are bonded to a particular location.


Guess what? You can bid and buy as much as you want. Afterward, your car has to carry the items. So get a bigger and faster car to do it more efficiently. Driving around the country is expensive. The journey cost relies on the distance and fuel economy.

The pawn shop

All items bought at an auction are sold in your own pawn shop. As in real life, it takes a long time to get your money back. Expand and upgrade the pawn shop to sell faster.

A useful part of your pawn shop: the warehouse.

There’s a place in your pawn shop where you can keep all the items you won in storage wars. You can leave a few items for later, they will not be sold. It is particularly useful for collecting items. So it’s more than just bidding.


The leader board reflects your gaming performance in this auction wars game. So far only cash counts. The amount of money invested in either: items, vehicles and the pawnshop has no influence on your position rank.

Unlimited levels – hurray!

You need to get a certain number of experience points to level up. Winning auctions, finding rare items, and gathering collections would provide you extra rewards.

You can become the most successful auctioneer and pawnshop owner today. Download and install the game. Go to Chicago and start building your empire!

The assistant — coming soon!

The assistant will create a point of difference for your business. Every auctioneer needs a bit of help sometimes, right? You will be able to develop the skills of your assistant like marketing, logistics, and management. For more information visit Storage Empire official website.

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